sometimes, I make a lot of sense.

About Me

I, Nigerian

I, Nigerian

My name is Oo Nwoye. I’m spending most of my time these days working to get two products of my startup off the ground. They are Callbase and Fonenode.

You can hit me up on Twitter where I talk tech or politics.


  • http://myOnePage.com/joel Joel Gascoigne

    Hi mate. Love the articles, but how about you let the full article through to the RSS? I read things in Feedly… :)

  • http://myOnePage.com/Oo OoTheNigerian

    Sir, how do I do that :(

  • http://myOnePage.com/joel Joel Gascoigne

    In your WordPress admin, go to Settings > Reading and change “For each article in a feed, show” from “Summary” to “Full text”. Thanks :)

  • Henry Okelue

    I am making Nigeria proud here too http://www.irinaajo2.blogspot.com

  • bc

    nice 1 bro, keep it up!!!!

  • strategize ko, strategize ni

    Gash! I just bumped into your blog and I officially love you. no homo! I must find you on facebook! Cheers.

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  • Isy Obi

    Hello Oo,
    Fell headlong into your blog. Love it.
    Perhaps we can connect?

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  • http://www.afrowall.com/ AfroWall

    Good, Very good. We will be waiting to see your ideas at work.

  • Ifeanyi Gbemudu

    Wow!… I'm so speechless or 'writeless'. I thought I was the only one out there. Great work brother, great work.

  • http://myOnePage.com/Oo OoTheNigerian

    Nwa nnem, thanks for the vote of confidence.

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  • Beejay

    Hello Oo Nwoye, well done! I have some serious business to discuss with you.

  • veful

    Interesting! But what can we do about the issues raised!