Just Fucking Launch? Ok.

I’ve heard you Joel, Yomi, Od, Victor, Namo, Seyi, Ope, Nmachi, Tim, Obinna and you that my tired brain forgot to mention. I have fucking launched.

Been a while. 5 years in the head two trying to bring it to life. Several failed starts and here I am, hoping and thinking “this is it”.


I’ve launched my “This is it” startup. Simply put, Spotify is the GBEDU.FM  of the west (take that Daniel Ek!). There will more to speak of in subsequent posts. The why, who, how, what, when will be answered.

Popsi, Momsi, you can stop worrying. Your son is not going to waste. Thanks for the patience. Roland, I owe you gazillion. Thanks bro.

I can now stop worrying about the “so, what do you do?” JAMB question. The real challenges begin now. Bring it on!

*Od and Yomi Black no let me hear word at all. Yomi was worse. Waking me by 5am everyday saying “Guy, you dey fuckup o! Launch this thing!” .. but I digress.

Oya, check out GBEDU.FM and tell me what you think.

Please, there will be lots of issues, I will appreciate all feedback. Holla your boy oo [at] gbedu.fm so I’ll know what you think.

PS: I wanted to wait until tomorrow, “when it is finished” then I thought… “fuck it”.

Twitter is not Jesus and will not save humanity.

Following Twitter
Photo courtsey http://twitter.com/riku

As much as writing this makes I feel like a ‘hater’, I think this post is necessary. I am really getting tired of seeing posts about how Twitter is going to save Iraq, Africa, and the world.  I wonder why this start up is being shoved down our throats. I think it is hi time we looked through all the hype.

How does Oprah joining twitter become news? Did Oprah getting a Facebook page become news? Why is it that every movie or music star joining or not joining Twitter makes the news?

Twitter does not count as a revolutionary tech/web product. To be, it has to drastically change our lives and create real industries.  I will mention a few.

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