Introducing Lotaar – A TV and Radio guide for the social web

The Logo of Lotaar

As you might know, some weeks ago I left OnePage which was a hard but necessary decision.  I was supposed to take a little break before starting anything new. But you see, this Internet thing dey sweet well well. I am back!

I would like to introduce my new venture Lotaar which I am co-founding with my good friend Roland Ukor.  Lotaar is built to remind you when your favourite programs are about to start so you can tune in.  It will be useful to discover new cool programs. Broadcasters will love it too.

We just put on a holding page to collect early feedback (Lean Startup Stuff).  so pardon the ugliness.

So go on, check it out and  Please fill the form, it is very important.

Like always, I count on your support.

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3 thoughts on “Introducing Lotaar – A TV and Radio guide for the social web

  1. Good concept. I sincerely think the short description should be “Forget Nothing!” instead of “Forget about forgetting”
    It makes more sense plus it is far wider in racial understanding.

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