Letter to Glo and Big Mike

Dear Glo/Big Mike (same thing)

I think it is really cool that such a big telco like GLO is a Nigerian company.

I think it is really cool that you are almost the single business model for Nollywood and the Nigerian entertainment industry. – Get popular, Big Mike will give you big money if you take silly pictures with a mobile phone on a green background. #YesIDeyBeef

I also think it is cool, you gave the Nigerian Premier League the first load of cash they ever saw.

I also think it is really cool that you sponsor African Voices on CNN. More Nigerians get to feature on it now.

You know what is not cool? Locking me out of my home and office.

I live and work online.

I have not been able to be productive for almost a week now and things have showed no signs of abating.

It will be marvellous if you got back to excelling at your primary duty: providing excellent telecommunication service (Voice+Data). It seems you have forgotten that you are Nigeria’s second national carrier (2nd NITEL) and you have not connected ONE SINGLE LANDLINE!

Not cool.

Remember that number portability begins in a few months. At this rate, this behaviour will not be condoned. We, the customers will  just walk away. And don’t tell us ‘One Nigeria’ when we do.

My tone sounds conciliatory because the customer service lady in Shoprite was really apologetic when I complained.

So please do something to this network yesterday.


— sent using an MTN dongle.

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5 thoughts on “Letter to Glo and Big Mike

  1. Nice write up. I’m an MTN subscriber but deep down I’m rooting for Glo. I wish they’d get their act together so I can give a Nigerian company my money, but until something drastic happens ; such as Glo’s mythical Submarine cable finally coming online .. I’ll remain an unhappy customer till then

  2. thanks for taking the first leap forward.

    I have often extolled glo dongle, I use it in my universal modem. they have not been delivering for sometime now. I read at http://mobilitynigeria.com/2011/02/14/fire-incident-disrupts-globacom-mobile-services/ (mobilityNigeria) that it was due to a fire incident that gutted some of their equipments.

    who reads the newspaper these days? I live and work inside my PC + Phone. their (globacom) presence online and in social media would help them deliver more value. I won”t doubt it if Glo can not read this post (that is if their social media department know how to connect with key people who use their services)

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