Google’s Social Problem? The Brand Name Google

It is well known that Google does not get social.

I just saw a post on Hackernews speculating Google’s Facebook killer is built on top of Google Profile. If it is, I predict it will be Dead on Arrival.


It has a the name and domain Google strapped to it.

Just take a look at Buzz, Wave, Latitude,  Picasa (is it supposed to be social?) etc.

There is one common denominator about Google’s successes; YouTube, Blogger, Android and Chrome. They all have this feel of independence. Not being tied to that thing we use for our email and search.

Yes, they with the exception of Chrome are all acquisitions*

I do not know if it is the feeling that what we do there will be mixed with our email or our activities will me sucked into Google search automatically. There is always that thing that does not make it feel right.

So what should they do?

Give YC/TechStars $1million to fund a ‘Google social’ batch. After 6 months, pick the top 3 and roll with them.


*As I typed that sentence, I just realised everything good from Google (with the exception of search, email and Chrome) is an acquisition.

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2 thoughts on “Google’s Social Problem? The Brand Name Google

  1. I think you’re right about the independence of Android, Chrome, Blogger and youtube but I also think Google acquires companies so they can make them better, improve the technology and then help those products reach more people using the gmail platform. oh yeah i think google should give up on social we’re on enough social networks already

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