Why I follow those I follow on Twitter

There is a simple reason I decide to follow those I follow on Twitter they share what interest me. Simples.  Currently, those are people that are involved in Technology and Music in one form or the other. I DO NOT follow people as a form of compensation for following me. If I did, all I will be seeing would be people retweeting what i have already Tweeted. That would defeat the main purpose of Twitter, for me.

Interestingly, there are people I follow then unfollow. For instance, when I temporarily quit speaking about politics, I unfollowed Omojuwa, El Rufai etc and at one point SeyiTaylor because they were making me discover what I did not want to discover. Politics, especially Nigerian politics. Unfollowing is nothing personal it makes no statement. For me, it just states that because of the limited space on my Twitter feed, there are other stories I rather discover. For now

Team Follow Back

They are the reason I am writing this post.  I got two orders  early this morning. I thought they read Kathleen’s excellent post “Follow Back or Else.

ff bak’ really get to me for several reasons. The poor spelling, the audacity of the order, and more importantly. the disregard for the meaning of #FF which is the abbreviation of #FollowFriday.  From the search, you will notice that ‘ff bak’ phrase is a Nigerian phenomenon

In the  early days of Twitter, it was the custom to RECOMMEND people you thought were interesting for your followers to follow NOT having people order you to listen to what they had to say.

How to get people follow you on Twitter

The easiest way to get people to follow you on Twitter is to write stuff. If it is cool or funny, you will be retweeted. People the follow those that RT you will follow you to get to the source.

Another way is to blog. Even for a post like this that is rather useless, there are people that will follow me because of any reason of theirs. e.g “This guy na real dodoyor. Let me follow him so I can be laughing at the nonsense he writes”

Some people post naked pictures of themselves. 😉

Or start a movement. Say.. #TurnOnThelight

The Team Follow Back Police

@SeyiTaylor is their police. If anyone orders you to follow them, just let him know and he will deal with it in a decisive manner.


This is just Twitter, a website. Nothing serious. Treat as such. Same with this post 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Why I follow those I follow on Twitter

  1. Seriously dis post is as useless as you said.I for one don’t ask for follow backs cos I think people take it special and since I’ve go nothing to lose so I just go thru their TL for smtins I might gain and move forward but you saying ST is blah or an officer is quite stupid cos he’s a nobody.so pls move on and just state ur points or just move.life is simple.

  2. great stuff. i personally dont follow people who include #teamfollowback in their twitter bios. They sound so pompous and pushy. When i started seeing irrelevant things on my TL, i had to unfollow almost a 100 people. it paid off.

  3. “Even for a post like this that is rather useless,” Not so useless, as I just decided to un-follow some people filling up my TL with totally irrelevant crap.

  4. I kinda agree with Adesoye. I don’t request follow backs either. But I think people that give so much thoughts on all these are just trying to feel relevant. Someone asks for a follow back, you don’t want, move ahead. What’s the fuss all about? Are you Bill gates or Barrack Obama? Are you the key to heaven? So far no one has threatened you with a gun, please give it a rest. It annoys me when some so called overlords are trying to thrash people just cos they said #teamfollowback. The earlier you start recognising that not everyone thinks like you in this world, the better for you and I.

    1. thanks, chika. u spoke my mind. dese so-called twitter overlords should just forget about the #ffbak folks and move on!

    2. Yes, Overlords. Funny enough its not the overlords that make too much noise about this follow back thing. It’s all these people with just a little over 2000 followers that make it an issue. I don’t think Justin Bieber with his over 27million followers and millions of follow back request will be jobless to start addressing the press about those requests. Only in nigeria people feel important cos of follow back requests.

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