Lagos, Nigeria: When Tech Met Health

It was when I got the 10th Blackberry broadcast informing me that someone needed blood somewhere in the country that I thought “there should be an app for this”.  I wondered if it would be possible to map blood types by location. I wrote the url “” on my Whiteboard and left it like that.

About a year later, while playing around on LinkedIn, I came across Iyinoluwa’s profile and I saw he was an adviser to something called I checked it out and discovered they were about getting Nigerians to become blood donors. How cool!

I reached out to Temie, the founder of One Percent project and we decided to try and build the app. In a weekend. As someone that can write absolutely no line of code, I called for help. I reached out to some of the best chaps and ladies in the game; Seyi, Ope, Tolu, Namzo, Clive, Stanley, Mark, Victor, Kene, Onyeka, Chiedu, Saze, Banks.

We decided to build the app in 3 days over a weekend. We started building LifeBank  today, which is world blood donor day. We plan to present it at a small get together on sunday (yes beer go dey).

Special thanks to HelloFood (for the food dohhhh!), CCHUB for an amazing place to work from, Audax for the great venue on Sunday and ezWash for coupons to give those that register.

We are counting on your support once we go live tomorrow.

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