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#ENDSARS: A Modest Proposal for my Fellow Techies.

13 October 2020 by Oo Nwoye

It’s time for action. Lets #BanTheBad. #ENDSARS

TL;DR: We’ll crowdsource the data of offending criminal security personnel and ban them from using all services we build, and more.

#EndSars #EndPoliceBrutality Poster

The Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) is a Nigerian police tactical unit mandated to focus on tackling violent crimes. As with most things, it has evolved, and has now become the Specially Approved Robbery Squad (All previous acronyms remain valid).

As someone that has had his brush with this government sanctioned robbery unit, I’m of the opinion that the SARS criminals are mere symptoms of a very structurally challenged institution, the Nigerian Police Force. It has been an open secret that when your child or ward has failed in every career choice and your attempts at discipline are futile, you send them to join the Police Force..

We are reaping that today.

So while I totally believe in #EndSARS (that building is utterly rotten and should be destroyed) we have to think beyond that particular action. What happens to the other personnel? They will only go from wearing their black to blue. The criminal will still be in them, factory fitted.

Here is my proposition, but first, a question.

What has been the outcome of the SARS criminals that murdered Tiyamiyu Kazeem?  And those involved in the countless other incidents?

Well, according to Amnesty International, not a single SARS criminal has been prosecuted for their crimes. I am not surprised, because from the impunity with which they behave, it is clear there is no consequence for evil behaviour. Who knows, it may even be encouraged.

That stops today.

My Proposal

  1. We build a very beautiful Wiki/Directory that tracks all the cases of SARS (and by extension, Police and Nigerian security personnel) criminality and the criminals behind them. We will have their names and pictures. The names of their victims too.

There is more.

You see, SARS criminals are not spirits. They live among us. They are our (most likely never do well) brothers and cousins, neighbours and church and mosque members. We know them or at least someone knows them. Someone has their numbers and their email addresses. We will find out the names of their churches and mosques. Their Imams and Pastors.  The data will be crowdsourced and contributed to the directory.

Here is where it gets kind. 

2. We will publicly track the cases and give the disciplinary institutions 1 week to conclude all the cases. If delayed or unsatisfactory, we take it up a notch.

3. We deplatform them all.

No, you will not be able to save on Piggyvest, take a loan with Carbon or open an account with Kuda. No, Paystack, Flutterwave or Interswitch  will not process your payments and you can find somewhere else to shop outside Konga. Neither Paga nor Kudi will allow you to bank via agents.

You will not be able to stake on your favourite teams via BetKing or BetNaija. Find something other than Gokada or Max to hitch your ride. e.t.c. For those platforms we don’t control, we will run you off. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. All your email addresses will be marked as spam

You get the drift. Think of it as Citizen Powered Sanctions.

I won’t go as far as asking our tech allies working in MTN, GLO, 9Mobile and Airtel to use their SIM Cards to do kalo kalo. Because, that would be unfair, and no one wants to be unfair to people that kill and maim the citizens they are mandated to protect. 😉😉😉

Anyway, once you enter the list, you are done.

To avoid the list, you ask to be jailed for your crimes, because that would be better.

Oh. And this includes their superiors who keep empowering and protecting them from facing justice. All of them named, and deplatformed.  

Next steps:

I ran this idea through my man Robert John of Co Lab, and he has taken the lead on building the platform. If you want to volunteer your time and talent, then fill this, and he’ll get in contact with you.

Tech is only an aspect of this. We need people to co-ordinate the tracking of these cases for that, I have enlisted the support of Citizen Gavel who will be providing the data of all cases.

Remember, “Today’s survivor is tomorrow’s victim” – Aisha Yesufu

PS: I am aware that SARS hitmen aren’t likely to be dependent on modern tools (says a lot!) However, it is the beginning of a process. Think of this like an MVP and it will be adjusted and adapted as we move along. Accountability will climb up the ladder.

If you want to donate to one of the anti-police harassment funds, I recommend this one by EiE.

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#EndSars Demainds.

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