About Oo Nwoye

Oo Nwoye, KCOB, Baby Boy +

My name is Oo Nwoye. I'm spending most of my time these days working to get two products of my (alleged) startup off the ground. They are Callbase and Fonenode. I also try my bit to contribute to the Nigerian techosystem

You can hit me up on Twitter (presently on hiatus) where I talk tech or politics or some random shit.

Email (ositanwoye @ gmail) is the best way to contact me.

16 thoughts on “About Oo Nwoye

  1. Gash! I just bumped into your blog and I officially love you. no homo! I must find you on facebook! Cheers.

  2. Wow!… I'm so speechless or 'writeless'. I thought I was the only one out there. Great work brother, great work.

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