Revisiting The Day I Met Marissa Mayer

As Marissa Mayer takes over the mantle of Yahoo! after the shock coup announced a few hours ago, I cannot think of a better time to famz.

The easiest way to explain the crush I had (have?) for her is to say I’m her beliber and little monster rolled into one. For two years before I met her, her laughter was my SMS ringtone.

So when I learned that she was coming to Cambridge, I knew I had to be there. Of course speaking about OnePage was a great excuse.

After her talk the usual attention seekers crowded her, but trust your Naija guy, I went to the exit I knew she would pass and waited patiently. 5 mins later, she reappeared and she was in a hurry and the over zealous organizer was upset I was delaying her more. (I no send the guy papa).

Anyway, I embarrassed her (and I guess myself ) by telling her of my 2 year old SMS ringtone, took a picture with her and collected her card (which I kept safely with my passport till today).

Since then, I counted her as my buddy. So I was not too happy when she was shelved during the Google reorganization. So I am so happy and excited with her new challenge at Yahoo!

So it case your wondering, what the hell is this post about? Well, I have met Marissa and you have not 😛


Best of luck Marissa, as you take on the greatest challenge of your career!


Marissa Mayer’s Laugh "Marissa Mayer’s Laugh"

Happy Birthday Joel Gascoigne!


Joel is one of the very few truly great guys I have met in my life. I am not ‘famzing’ because he recently raised $400k for his startup Buffer. Anyone that can live with Oo for 4  months+ and attempt to run a business with him without running mad, is truly a great person.

Few people know how I met Mr Gascoigne.

Back in ’08 I got admitted to Warwick. I was in Nigeria when  I created a group called “Warwick Internet Entrepreneurs”, he was the only person that joined. When I eventually got my visa (I get faith sha) and arrived Warwick, we met up, got talking about his projects, mine, etc. We eventually started OnePage together. Even though I was EXTREMELY self conscious about being Nigerian (my “Yes, I Am Nigerian” tees were just fronting), it was as if this dude did not realize. He trusted me more than I would have imagined.  He has no idea how much it helped me. Thanks buddy!

When OnePage did not go as planned, we needed lawyers to tidy up a few things as we decided Joel would be taking it forward. What I realized much later was that his lawyers  ( I did not have one) wanted to insert clauses that would have given him the option to “screw me” if he so wanted. He asked them not to.

There was a period we got a mini grant (about 1500 quid) to do market research. Now at that moment, we did not need any damn market research but Joel needed a computer to build the product we were to research for. I needed the ‘seed money for a space over my head. Even though there was a ‘way out’,  Joel consistently refused to do anything remotely borderline against the rule even though it was what we sorely needed. So we forfeited the grant. 🙁

Of course he acted as my translator on quite a number of occasions when I did not sound Bri ish enough to be understood.  I even got him to enjoy a helping of Nkwobi.

So Joel, as you turn 25 (Haha! You are damn old man! 25?? Really? You are that old??) do have fun and keep being a great person.

When Someone Blocks Your Car, Here’s What To Do.


One of the perils of living in the city of Igboefon is you have otherwise, normal people behave like lesser mammals. In the picture above, someone thought it wise to park right in front of my gate, and leave to God knows where.

As I type this, I am sweating in a cab on my way to Surulere where I am running late for a meeting. Late because I had to wait and hope the muppet would return.

Rather than get angry and do damage, I decided to leave the fellow with a message make e for no loss.


Did I do enough?