About Oo Nwoye

Oo Nwoye, KCOB.

My name is Oo Nwoye (really 😉) , and I am Nigerian. I spend most of my days working with founders and early stage investors via TechCircle. I provide advisory services for startups in the areas of product and fund raising, at the same time helping early stage investors with excellent deal flow. I also work with corporations that look to connect with startups, founders, investors and the Nigerian techosystem at large.

Between 2013 -2017 I co-founded a startup with 2 product: Fonenode – Twilio for Nigeria and Callbase – set up call center in 5 mins; but none made us wealthy. Fingers crossed, the founders I work with in my advisory service will rectify this great anomaly😁. For now though, I have a side project WriteRack (launched in 2014 before Twitter’s tweet-storming feature) to keep my fingers dirty while I plot a return to building a product that many people use.

I sit on the board of Ventures Platform one of Africa’s most prolific early stage investment companies and I am one of the mentors on Google for Startups program

I have been writing on technology and politics for over a decade and have been quoted in several International Publications including Business Insider, CNN, The Economist, TechCrunch and Bloomberg.

For play, When I am either watching Manchester United allow less privileged club sides have their first shot at titles, bingeing a Netflix Series or Movie, stepping down my temperature with a pint or 2 or STAR beer while dreaming up urban design plans for Nigeria, or found in a WhatsApp or Telegram chat arguing about tech, football, politics and policies.

You can hit me up on Twitter where I talk tech or politics or some random shit. My Twitter and Facebook is now primarily for broadcast and a few responses. Since Buhari, Trump and Brexit, public social media has had no goddamn chill. I will not be surprised to see the Dalai Lama “clap-back” AKA “gbas-gbos” Pope Francis there one day.

Email (ositanwoye @ gmail), is the best way to contact me though.