As Posterous Flies To Twitter, I Remember This Post

Just over a year ago, I wrote the following about Posterous.

The problem with Posterous that they are not the best at anything.

via The Problem With Posterous

Sadly, nothing changed. They just did not double down on any aspect of their product. I would have paid if they allowed better customization and plugins the their present offering (If Oo will pay for your product, then congratulations, you have a tested business model!)

Their pivot to ‘Spaces’ was really cool, but they struggled to communicate it in a simple way.  I really really liked Posterous. I recommended them to quite a lot of people. I feel really sad the way things have turned out.

Startups are hard. REALLY HARD. And it is REAL EASY to theorize from outside. But there is one thing I know, Sachin gave it his all. I look forward to what he plans to do next after he leaves Twitter.

Now, where do I move my bloggage to?