All Roads Lead to UNILAG for BarCamp Nigeria.

Today is day 2 of Barcamp Nigeria. This Barcamp organized by Sheriff Shittu is the most comprehensive and all inclusive tech event in Nigeria.

I was there yesterday and was really impressed with the enthusiasm showed by everyone there. It brought back the energy and motivation I had in my Warwick and Launch48 days.  I am always happy to place a face to those twitter handles and see people (especially students) that are truly excited about technology.

Today’s theme will be mobile which would be really interesting.

If you love tech and you are in Lagos, there is absolutely no reason you should not find your way to the CITS building in UNILAG Now!!

One more thing…

There will be a lot of STAR drinking and people mixing at Koko Lounge Ozone in Sabo after today’s event.