Please Take These Facebook Pages Off Me!

Back in the days when facebook pages were still being ‘fanned’ and none of you knew what Twitter was, I had this little idea to create an Alumni based network for Nigerian institutions.

One use case was when looking for a lawyer, jobs, business partner, house etc, you could check easily via your alumni network. Only those officially involved with the various alums would be admins of the various institutions.

So I created some Facebook fan pages of top Nigerian Universities and secondary schools, bought the domain went to Warwick and realized I would not be running with the idea. However I was stuck with the pages.

What was I supposed to do with the pages?! I wanted to delete them but I had spent a bit of money promoting them (the good old days when FB advertising targeting Nigerians was cheap before the politicians messed it up). I also did not want to hand them over to some random chaps that would spam the followers.

I tried to contact PR companies that would contact the universities/schools and strike a deal with them to handle their pages but that did not work. I asked people I knew from various institutions and could trust but they did not wish to have them. I asked officials of UDSS alumni (Hello Udoka, Osaheni and co.) and they said they were not ‘ready’. So I put it on the back burner for a while.

Any time I see people asking questions like “when are the results coming out, when are we resuming, I feel bad I cannot answer the questions and it is not right administering theses pages if I am not being of use.

So I have come to the decision,

I will publicize this post to as many people as possible, if I do not see someone to hand it over to in the next one month, I will deactivate or delete them. At least people will not feel they are not being responded to,

Who do I want to hand it over to?

  1. Any official of the institution.
  2. Credible Alumni
  3. PR companies that could handle them on behalf of the Universities.

Let me now list the fan pages I control. Hold your exclamation until I am through. 😀


University of Benin (Attended)

Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU)

University of Lagos

Ahmadu Bello University

University of Ibadan

University of Nigeria

University of Portharcourt

King’s College Lagos (Attended)

Queen’s College Yaba-Lagos.

Igbinedion University

Madonna University


Nigerian Law School

Benson Idahosa University

ABTI-American University of Nigeria

Vivian Fowler

Just because you attended any of the schools above does not mean I will hand it over to you. I have to ensure these pages do not get abused.

Universities have PR departments right?

If you are interested just contact me via [email protected] To be very clear, NO MONEY is required to take these pages. All that I need is proof you are an official or trustworthy enough to be in charge of this. I will put the contact of those that have taken over beside the fan pages.

This is probably not a big deal as there might be duplicate fan pages but these have the highest members for their various institutions.

See photo evidence below. The blurred out ones are not relevant here.

As a side note, I think facebook should start a verification badge system for people or institutions that want to control messages they send out. The cost of that can be placed on the page owners.