Personal Blogging: Linda Ikeji Is On Another Level.

Yes, I read Ms Ikeji’s blog. And yes, I am very ashamed of myself. Can we discuss that later?

Yesterday, Linda wrote a rather normal post about a previous post, in which people commenting on the post were too hard on the person the post was about. So she sent a private tweet to the person the post was about apologizing about the comments in the post, the person now posted the…… I can yard dust and beat around bush sha (no, not that bush). But you get the gist.

Well, this post is not about the contents in the post but the fact that it ganared 800+ COMMENTS!!!! Nope, this is not a picture of a cat being shared on facebook. Or a front page item on reddit. This is a sub domain on blogger that has a rather ugly commenting system that requires a login. And it still got 750 COMMENTS!


I had always known her blog is popular. But I thought it was Nigerian standard popular. 800 comments is on a worldwide big deal level. There is a massive potential for her to be undisputedly number 1 in Africa digitalmedia wise, and worldwide relevant when it comes to entertainment and gossip (TMZ and Perez Hilton level). She can also go Huffington. Arriana started blogging personally about left wing politics; 5 years and $200 million later, we know every.

However, her reaching those heights will require Messianic and not Mikelist sized ambitions (As at 2005, Mikel and Messi used to be mentioned in the same sentence. While Messi had his sight set on being the greatest ever, the 60k/week from Chelsea no let Obi see road he thought he had arrived ).

Whatever the road she decides to take, I have to say, I hail. She is a true testament of how the internet and blogging tools have democratized publishing. I mean, anyone, can start from anywhere and rise to the top.