Another Reason The iPad Trumps the Asus Transformer

This is a quick post to explain why I deserve a back-hand slap.

I have the Asus Transformer. For almost 6 months, my friend and oga Victor kept insisting I should get the iPad instead. Note that he was the one going to buy it (I get mind sha).  And for reasons best known to me, I kept on forming  “Android for Life”.

Anyway he got me the Asus and though it is no iPad, I was/am quite happy with it. I travelled to Benin and returned to Lagos only to realise I forgot my charging cable/connector. In a normal case, it would not be a problem. However, smartasses at Asus thought it wise to have a proprietary plug/socket/port for their 300 devices sold. So right now the only charging cable/connector I can use is resting quietly, 350km away.

So why do manufacturers, insist on a proprietary docks/sockets/etc when they know absence of accessories can prevent people recommending their stuff. , Apple tablet owners though with proprietor y sockets,  know that at least the nearest charger is not 350 km away because of the 350 million iOS devices around the word.

I thought there were port standard like how the micor USB is now the standard for phone?