My BlackBerry: The Good, The Bad and The Damn Ugly!

I started using a BlackBerry about three weeks ago and I thought I should write about my little experience considering I am a Droid.

Lets get started.

The Good

The BlackBerry Messenger  (BBM): This is like an underground Facebook. A social network built around chatting. The impressive thing is the amount of coordination that can be done with it. Creating instant group chat, sharing documents, pictures and voice on the go etc. It is exactly what you would expect from the guys at Yahoo! if we knew what they were doing with the messenger.

The Keyboard: Although it took me a little while to get used to it, I would say is it pretty damn good. I still wonder how I am able to type so fast with such tiny keys. It is very impressive

The Bad:

BBM Username /PIN is tied to  the device: I do not know weather to consider this stupid, dumb or a mistake.  Just imagine if you had to change your phone number anytime you got a new phone. That is exactly what this is. I am still trying to understand the logic behind this decision.

The Cost of usage: Not to be harsh, the only reason I (and many others) use a BB is because of the messenger. This therefore makes the BBM the most expensive social network the world as it costs  $35 every month. Did I mention you would have to spend at last $400 in getting the device in the first place?

The Damn Ugly:

The BB OS: My friend Dewole has a good quote that best describes the BB OS

Writing apps for the BlackBerry is like a dark art, if you do not belong, you do not belong.

If you  cannot play Angry Birds on your phone, just know the OS is crap. Simples!

The BB App Marketplace: If the Apple app marketplace is Wal-Mart, and the Android market place is your local TESCO, the BlackBerry app market is Onitsha. It is really ugly.

Overall, I would say the only saving grace of the BB (in Nigeria) is the messenger and the fact that all four GSM carriers are pushing it relentlessly.

My final verdict: In the smartphone league, the BlackBerry plays division 2. In this mobile era, it is all about the apps baby!