Why The Internet Has To Be Censored And Regulated.

I wrote this during the fight against SOPA. However, like many other posts, I did not get around to publishing it. I recently came across Google’s take action campaign that is against the plot by governments to sign new treaties this December that will regulate the Internet more.

Mind you, I did not say should be but ‘has to be’ from the view of the political class. I certainly do not want the Internet censored or more regulated.

A few thousand years ago, when the first structures of society where being put in place, the deal struck to prevent a physical society with anarchy was to centralize ‘power’ with the state (largest independent political unit) and then have representatives of the people run the state.

Fast forward a few centuries, a couple of wars, commerce, etc and the state became bigger, much bigger. Nations were born. The centralized power became greater. The chance to represent the Nation became smaller and the stakes became higher.

A bigger state meant a massive population which would be harder to control therefore it became necessary to control what they knew and how they could operate. Books, TV, Telephone, Radio, International travel etc came along and tried to scuttle the status quo. But the political class was smart enough to take advantage of it early and used it as a tool to control on a larger scale.

Then the Internet ‘happened’.

It was ignored, then ridiculed and before anyone could say “facebook”, societies of 1 Billion (the third largest in the world, certainly the most diverse) got formed. Information began moving overground (Twitter) and underground (BBM,WhatsApp). Internet companies started knowing more about citizens that the nations who gave them their passports. Transactions and currencies that could not be monitored started springing up

It is ‘obvious’ this new power and control is too dangerous/important to be left to ‘ordinary’ people. The political class have to take it back.

So they’ve come first by passing the laws that will enable them covertly take back power. Countries like North Korea, Iran, China are being straightforward about it. America is  trying to be smarter, they’re waving the copyright flag, child porn flag, the terrorism flag, then they will raise the victory flag.
Shall we let them win?

I know my post might sound incongruous. you may do yourself a favour and read The Fundamentals of Political Philosophy then watch The century of Self

Random prediction: In the next decade, the political structure of society will start changing fundamentally. Corporations will own the state and the national ‘borders’ will become more digital, dynamic and I dare say, collapse. Currency will become much more deregulated

This Internet thing has really fucked things up.

I’m happy 🙂

Please forgive typos…

Introducing The ‘Take A Stand’ Web App

I am not afraid to take a stand – Eminem

If there is anything that really gets to me, it is the tendency of people to sit on the fence on critical issues. It goes from annoying to deceitful when a person has one position publicly and another privately.

The Nigerian Presidential election is around the corner and people have started exhibiting the sitting on the fence trait again. I thought to myself, there should be an app to sort that out. I conceptualized something, did  some mockups (special thanks to balsamiq mockups) and contacted two awesome Nigerian developers I know; Namzo and Ope and they agreed to work with me to make it a reality. The rest is history.

I introduce the TakeAStand app that allows you to PUBLICLY identify with the candidate you support in the upcoming Nigerian elections. Take A Stand is the “option A4” of online voting.

I have taken a stand. You now go take a stand and please spread the word.

Forgive and report any bugs you come across. This is work in progress.

PS:This app is dedicated to Udoka, Od, and Aboyeji; some of the greatest fence loungers I know. (make una no break my head when we see. I just had to :). Prove me wrong and make your stand known, PUBLICLY.)

Don’t Shoot the Messenger. Listen to Atiku

Atiku has been saying Nigeria is broke and rather than people discredit his statement , they attack him.

You might not be a fan of Atiku (I am not either) but does what he said have credibility? The last time he said Nigeria was broke, Olusegun ‘no balls’ Aganga said Atiku had no idea what he was saying. (Atiku was the head of Nigeria’s economic Council . He single handedly recruited Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala and Soludo and co. so he should know what the hell he is talking about!)

Why then does Nigeria  borrow billions of Dollars again? What happened to our reserves? (Why did we even have reserves when we do not have power or good roads?)

Remi Babalola first raised the alarm when he talked of NNPC but was promptly sacked.

My dear Nigerians do not let your hate of the messenger make you ignore the message.

The question is:

Is Nigeria broke? If yes, what happened to the money? If No, what happened to the money, why the hell don’t we have good roads and stable power?

God help Nigeria!… But we must help ourselves first.

General David Mark Can Become President


David Mark

Very few people realise that if anything happens to Goodluck Jonathan, (be it the Abiola flavoured tea or a Yaradua styled vacation), General David Mark becomes Acting President of Nigeria. Yes, the Senate President is next in line after Jonathan. That will be the return of the Military, agbada or no agbada. Make no mistake, General Mark will not be as feeble and indecisive as Jonathan, he was a General in the Army. If/when that happens, the game changes completely and not in a good way.

The North-South bullshit.

Whenever the Nigerian masses try to group and get the criminal politicians out of power, they quickly throw the North-South/Muslim-Christian joker card and we stupidly fall for it again and again. I have two questions, what exactly has the North benefitted from the Yaradua presidency? What did the south benefit from the Obasanjo presidency? I hope we open our eyes and realise that WHATEVER THE PRESIDENCY, THE VERY SAME PEOPLE ARE STILL IN POWER. There are people benefitting immensely from the current impasse we have in the Nigerian presidency and we the other 99.9% of Nigerians are not among. Having Jonathan as the sole man in the presidency when we all know Yaradua will not return, is a VERY VERY risky business and the people ensuring the status quo remains know why.

Personally, I am tired of this bullshit! I am tired of my country with so much potential wasting away!  I do not care if the president is from Gambia or Japan, Nigeria needs a leader that will put the interest of the Nigerian people first and that is not happening.

Well, as long as we the ‘Nigerian masses’ deem the results of the next Premier League matches more important than the future of our country or Beyonce’s latest video a more sexy topic for discussion than the politics of Nigeria, let us prepare for the next hearty meal of SHIT that the criminals running the country will keep giving us.

Go get your plates, lunch is served!