#LightUpNigeria vs. Dimeji Bankole. Between What is and What Should Be.

A quick overview:Inadequate Power/Electricity is one of the reasons Nigeria is still underdeveloped.  When the Presidential task force on power submitted its proposal for the solution to this evil problem, the speaker of the house of representatives Mr. Demeji Bankole said the proposal did not cater for the multibillion dollar generator importing businesses in Nigeria and a little bit of hell is breaking loose. read more here.

Based on what I have read, I painfully have to say that I support Dimeji Bankole’s point of view. I say painfully because if the 150 million Nigerians stand according to how much they admire him, I will be the 150 millionth person. However, my opinion of him should not cloud my objectivity.

Lets look at this way, if you are earning a living from the status quo, why would you want it to change if it will affect your living? the status quo in power is deplorable, but the reality is, people  benefitting  from the bad situation will do anything to avoid it changing. To me that has been the challenge of progress in Nigeria.

Lets look at two more examples.

In transportation: It is rumoured (I believe the rumour) that Ekene dili Chukwu and co are the reason that Onitsha does not have an airport. There is no reason why Onitsha does not have an Airport! But their reasoning is that having an Airport will kill their businesses.

There is also no way that the Nigerian Railway will succeed without the support of the long distance haulers!

Road Construction: The reason why these wicked politicians keep constructing bad roads is the mentality that if the road does not spoil on time, how dem go take chop moni again?*

What these groups of people do not understand is that participating in the better alternatives is more profitable for them and much better from the larger society.

With this in mind, I believe Mr Bankole is right, the generator importers must be included in the plans. It should not but it is the reality.

I also think our greater challenge in moving forward is convincing this guys benefiting from the bad status quo that they can be more successful if they move to the other side.

With this in mind, I hope Barth Nnaji and the Presidential taskforce has plans for those who import generators and sell diesel to transition into the new power economy of Nigeria so we can successfully #LightUpNigeria

*Just in case you read this, hear are a few ideas.

1. Construct more roads, not reconstruct

2. Road maintenance has better margins.