Sarah Lacy’s Revenge

A little over four years ago, Sarah was the star of SxSW for the wrongest of reasons. Let’s just say that her prime-time Zuckerberg interview was no Larry King Live. She was slammed left-right and center. Just Google “Sarah Lacy Zuckerberg”.

The thing about a bad interview is this, the interviewer takes the fall no matter whose ‘fault’ it is. Just like coaches do if a team fails.

So in essence, her big stage interview career was at the risk of being over. Even if event organizers did not put her in a sort of blacklist, she could have blacklisted herself from doing the big interviews. After all, it would have been understandable if she accepted she was not cut out for interviewing.

Well, that did not happen. After she launched PandoDaily, she’s launched what i’ll describe as a binge-level LIVE interview series of tech entrepreneurs called PandoMonthly. So rather than succumb after smashing her ride, she has gone full speed ahead. Musk, Horowitz, Theil, e.t.c. To me going head-on and doubling down on what scarred you in the past, is the appropriate and ultimate revenge.

It is a lesson I hope to heed.

I’m really looking forward to the Zuck PandoMonthly :).