“Security Questions” in a Facebook Age.

In the process of registering for a Nigerian mobile payment service Pagatech, I came across this screen below. 


In the Facebook age, most of the normal security questions can be gotten from your Facebook profile. I cannot believe “Your mother’s maiden mane” is still considered a security question on Paypal and banks.

I think it is rather impressive that Pagatech has gone the extra mile to create questions that a a bit harder to answer via “Facebook research”.

The challenge to this method though is this; is something that is not worth Facebook putting a field for easy to remember? Most of the questions above have the propensity to change with time or to have different answers depending when or how it was asked.

For example, the question “What city  do you want to visit in the world” can change depending on if i have eventually visited the city in question or something occurs that makes another city more attractive.

Is there any database of “Facebook research immune” security question available that services can tap into?

In this age, I would have expected biometric passwords (fingerprint) to have started being ubiquitous. Maybe utilising the finger print scanner or the use of a webcam.

Maybe I am thinking ahead of myself.


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