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Nigerian Internet Entrepreneurs Meetup.

08 October 2010 by Oo Nwoye

Tomorrow, Nigerian Internet Entrepreneurs will hold a meetup in Lekki, Lagos. It has been a while since my announcing our launch and this is the first activity we are holding. The response to this meetup has been amazing! We sold out (40 tickets) in 4 days! It shows Nigerians are ready.

We have really good stuff planned for the ecosystem, we just hope the support needed will come through. I am really looking forward to meeting the guys (where are the ladies pls? Sad smile) who have been making things happen here despite the rugged conditions.

Nigerians have a lot of potential, we just have to convert it to kinetic.

See you all tomorrow.

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  • Ifeanyi Gbemudu

    Nice… can’t wait myself.
    I feel you on the “despite the rugged conditions” part.

  • I “tripeat”, those of us outside Nigeria need live Internet streaming. Or else… 😉