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My Favourite Graph: Internet Growth in Nigeria

30 May 2012 by Oo Nwoye

Graph of Internet Growth in Nigeria


I am doing a music startup and the first comment that comes usually is. “But Nigeria has low internet penetration”.  Here’s the graph I try to explain  I’m working with. Source.

BTW,  adding  Kenya to the mix is not to kindle any East Side-West Side rivalry but to tell the investors and entrepreneurs, “when you have finished ‘testing the waters’ in Kenya and you are ready for prime time, you know where to visit.” 🙂

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  • anibe


  • Lobatan!

  • abi

    Love the chart – but isn’t the South Africa number a bit low?

    • Population. BTW, their development might be restricted to the cities Oo Nwoye

  • This is enlightening! who would had thought! and this is even just the beginning