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Revisiting The Day I Met Marissa Mayer

17 July 2012 by Oo Nwoye

As Marissa Mayer takes over the mantle of Yahoo! after the shock coup announced a few hours ago, I cannot think of a better time to famz.

The easiest way to explain the crush I had (have?) for her is to say I’m her beliber and little monster rolled into one. For two years before I met her, her laughter was my SMS ringtone.

So when I learned that she was coming to Cambridge, I knew I had to be there. Of course speaking about OnePage was a great excuse.

After her talk the usual attention seekers crowded her, but trust your Naija guy, I went to the exit I knew she would pass and waited patiently. 5 mins later, she reappeared and she was in a hurry and the over zealous organizer was upset I was delaying her more. (I no send the guy papa).

Anyway, I embarrassed her (and I guess myself ) by telling her of my 2 year old SMS ringtone, took a picture with her and collected her card (which I kept safely with my passport till today).

Since then, I counted her as my buddy. So I was not too happy when she was shelved during the Google reorganization. So I am so happy and excited with her new challenge at Yahoo!

So it case your wondering, what the hell is this post about? Well, I have met Marissa and you have not 😛


Best of luck Marissa, as you take on the greatest challenge of your career!


Marissa Mayer’s Laugh "Marissa Mayer’s Laugh"

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  • @auxbuss

    Hi Oo,

    This made me smile big time. Only you.

    Hope things are going great for you. Take care.


  • Azu

    Mr OO..still rocking the initial. lol

    Interesting encounter. She definitely has her work cut out for her @ Yahoo, but she seems to be up for the challenge even with the spot light on her.

  • seyitaylor

    Crazy ass stuff. You had a Marissa Meyer ringtone? And here I was thinking that you had passed the limits…

    • Lolz.

      For 2 whole years! I no well sha.

  • ‘Gbenga Sesan

    Na so people go dey write about Oo too o. Er, mak’ I go find that picture 😀

    • Boss!

      Like play like play, I no get picture with you o! It must be rectified this week!

  • Lol! Nice one 😛

  • Haha .sharp guy

  • Nice one OO 🙂

  • upnepa