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02 March 2011 by Oo Nwoye

Hypocrisy is the state of pretending to have beliefs, opinions, virtues, feelings, qualities, or standards that one does not actually have.

If you do not have the balls to do what you think is right at the time whet it really means something, please just shut up, when it becomes convenient.

It is just disgusting.

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Why I Think Gladwell is Right.

08 February 2011 by Oo Nwoye

Techcrunch published a post highlighting yet another bunch slamming Malcolm Gladwell for pointing out again how inconsequential social media is when it comesto fuelling and sustaining social activism.

Let’s examine recent events in North Africa.

Tunisia’s revolution was over before CNN (and other western media outlets) got the chance to report YET another African disaster.  Determined to redeem their revolution credibility (RevCred), they stormed Egypt with their cameras and Anderson Cooper became a ‘hero’.

14 days later, Mubarak is still president and the outside world appears not to be so enthralled with 24-hour news channels coverage of Egypt; disappointed that their ReTweets have not pushed out Mubarak. We are so bored that there is no trace of the Egypt’s revolution on twitter’s trending topics.

What we fail to understand is that the people on the ground – the people affected by the Mubaraks – are not twits. They the guys and girls on the streets; the 94% of the population not on Facebookthat experience real hopeless and oppression.

I fully concede that social media toolswill have a big role to play in some cases. e.g the upcoming Nigerian elections. But when its comes down to putting your life on the line – that is giving your life for the change that needs to happen in one’s country – the real fuel will be the people in the streets.

Not Facebook. Not Twitter.

NB: One could even argue that the Internet slowed down the momentum of the revolt or how else can you explain that the most intense part of the protests took place when the Internet was cut off (people had to leave their homes) and slowed down around the time the Internet was restored?

Thanks to Uzo for helping me edit this post.

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How to Salvage #INECRegistration.

24 January 2011 by Oo Nwoye

The time allocated for the registration of voters (in Nigeria)  is supposed to end this weekend. If it does, it will be a disaster because millions of people would not have registered. If that happens then the election is as good as the one done in 2007. Although I have my reservations about  some things done so far, I will leave that for later and list out things that should be done to salvage this voters registration drive.

  1. Voters registration will have to be extended by another week. There were a lot of hiccups at the beginning and that time would have to be got from somewhere.
  2. 2-3 days of public holidays will have to be declared in the extra week to ensure people have the time to stay at home (where they will vote) and register. Before you shout, far less important things have led to the declaration of holidays. I do believe a week of public holidays is not too much to sacrifice for the future of Nigeria. besides it will not be done at the scale ever again. so they say.
  3. Registration days have to be lengthened: I hear registration closes by 3 on Sunday. I think having registrations until 8pm is not too much to ask for at these last days especially in greatly populated areas.
  4. A queuing system would have to be deployed. I went to vote yesterday morning and was told i would have to return the next day as too many people were before me. The problem is, what time do I return? I should be sent a test approximately 30 minutes before it is my turn. A lot of people have very limited free periods so it will be appreciated if their times are optimized. secondly, a queuing system will allow INEC to know how many people are yet to register. “text your name to 1960 if you are yet to register”

If some of these things are not done, we will see queues of 300 people in the last hour of the last day (Naija style) turned back?

Please, if you have not registered pleas do. I have that very sweet feeling that this is the time, I promise you will not want to be left out.

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Don’t Shoot the Messenger. Listen to Atiku

09 December 2010 by Oo Nwoye

Atiku has been saying Nigeria is broke and rather than people discredit his statement , they attack him.

You might not be a fan of Atiku (I am not either) but does what he said have credibility? The last time he said Nigeria was broke, Olusegun ‘no balls’ Aganga said Atiku had no idea what he was saying. (Atiku was the head of Nigeria’s economic Council . He single handedly recruited Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala and Soludo and co. so he should know what the hell he is talking about!)

Why then does Nigeria  borrow billions of Dollars again? What happened to our reserves? (Why did we even have reserves when we do not have power or good roads?)

Remi Babalola first raised the alarm when he talked of NNPC but was promptly sacked.

My dear Nigerians do not let your hate of the messenger make you ignore the message.

The question is:

Is Nigeria broke? If yes, what happened to the money? If No, what happened to the money, why the hell don’t we have good roads and stable power?

God help Nigeria!… But we must help ourselves first.

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