I’ve got a personal logo. Before you hate me let me explain how this happened 😀

One day last year, I was researching logos. I think I typed a query like “best logos ever” and I came across one of the most awesome logo I have ever seen “TalkMore“. So I did a little research about the person behind the logo and found out the guru behind it Nido, was in Birmingham with me! (then, I was still a Brummie). I got in contact and we chatted over Skype. It was around the time I was returning back to Nigeria so we did not get to meet up. While I was in Nigeria, I was still in contact with Nido and promised to check on him whenever I visited Brum.

Last Thursday, I went to visit my man Joel in Birmingham and made it a point of duty do track down Nido. We agreed to meet up on Thursday evening. We went back and forth via SMS trying to fix a good time. Unfortunately, things came up for Nido and we could not meet up again.

Well, on the way back to London, I got a text from Nido saying he sent me something cos he was feeling bad for not being able to meet up with our appointment. When I returned to London, I opened my email and wow!!!

Trivia fact: The first time I spoke to Nido was when I called to thank him for the logo. And the first question he asked was; “how do they pronounce your name?”. All previous communication was via SMS, email and Skype.

Some people are just AWESOME.

Thank you Nido. I am really grateful.

Now I can now go ahead and think on how to incorporate the awesome generic logo into OoTheNigerian, Political Oo, Oo Nwoye


6 thoughts on “I Don’t Mean To Be Vain But…

  1. The catchy part was the tag line “When was the last time you made someone go… Oo” should work on the ladies ….and the PIMPS  🙂

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