As some of you may know, my friend Ope and I have launched a new company, it is called Fonenode. We are building a telephony infrastructure on which solutions that simplify communication for businesses and individuals can be built easily.

The last year has not been easy. A few ups and a number of really deep downs and I always wonder if I should have taken this road at all. Getting a proper and stable job would have been obviously much more straightforward for me.

I always tell my fellow entrepreneur journeyman and women, “we are playing the startup lottery” because of the amount of uncertainty and risk involved. This time around though, I have that niggling feeling that “this is it”. That all lessons have been learned and would be applied this time.

But isn’t that what the gamblers all say?

To my family and friends that have supported and rooted for me all this years. Especially my mum, dad and my cousin Namo. Without whom, I would have given up a long time ago.

*Thank you!

Here’s to successful and fulfilling journey.

PS: What is the status of GBEDU.FM? It is officially my expensive hobby.

*Yes mum, I know the only form you want my thank you to take. I am searching hard. I will find her soon. Promise.

11 thoughts on “Another Roll of the Dice

  1. I actually think your startup ideas are good but you dont stick to them long enough. for me back in the days was a lot better than iroking and i used to use it very often especially when programming on a project for a client. But you left it or we the users felt u left it after a while so we (particularly myself) stopped using it. All the best with this one.

    1. Haha.

      Me too man. Thanks.

      We launched and made revenue without a logo or a payment gateway installed (bank transfer). No admin dashboard yet and emails are sent via gmail for now.

      Oh, I have a spreadsheet with margin calculations.

      #NittyGritty #NoLongerALazyFucker

    2. So that’s the beauty of ‘shipping it’….you can actually get feedback on a product….not just a ‘good idea’.

      Useful, tangible, able-to-apply feedback that you use to compass and navigate.

      #shipit #goodbetterthannotdone #pavingtheway #smartpeople #inspiration #icouldgoon #lovehashtags

  2. You know, I heard something on recently….. and it was ‘Just Ship it’. Ship it. Don’t wait to attain perfection. Don’t wait till every box is ticked (good place for master procrastinators)

    Bottom line: Good is better than NOT DONE.

    You went and done ‘good’ bro. Best way. Best thing.

    *Deep breath for me now.

    I need to go work on ‘shipping’ my food magazine!

    *Another deep breath!

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