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US Elections. Trump v. Biden: Random Thoughts of a Nigerian Observer.

02 November 2020 by Oo Nwoye

Heads or Tails, We all Lose. There is no upside

This image of Biden and Trump is a good representation of both sides in this election.

Tomorrow is the US Election day and although over 70% of the 2016 vote numbers has been cast, tomorrow is recognized as the D-Day.

Sadly, it is going to be a day of shame because no matter who comes out top, there will be a lot of strife. Why? Because, paraphrasing Trump, –  there are bad people on both sides!

Since 2016 the Democrats simply refused to accept the election results and have done everything both under and above board to overturn it, taking it up a notch from 2008 where the Republicans did all they could to sabotage Obama.

In addition, neither Trump nor his enablers in the Republican Party thought it wise to turn things down a notch and attempt to bring the country together.

So what have we? The most bitterly contested elections where the winner will not be accepted by half of the country.

Who do I want to win?

Neither. Kanye is damn looking like the best option out there. But that’s not how elections work. It will be either one of the 2 candidates.

So my “choice”?


Let me reproduce what I sent to one of my Nigerian Trump supporting voted friend

‘The only reason I am ok with a Biden win is, 4 more years as is, will be a negative for Nigeria and Nigerians at home (Immigration, and fighting against Nigeria’s interests in Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala (WTO) and Adesina (AfDB)). 

Your man has too many (frankly unnecessary) battles he’s fighting worldwide.

He is happy to keep satisfying his audience and has made almost no effort to court new ones.

The Libs are definitely going to take away all resemblance of freedom. But I think they are less risky as they are very prone to self combust”

Plus I don’t want to be cancelled (see, I am practising my post election obedience under the “liberals”)

If Trump wins though, I’m still VERY OK with it. At least 4 more years of no country invasion (pretty important to me!) and a bit of uncertain certainty. To be honest though, 4 more years of ‘the resistance’? Trump Twitter? Kai!

As for a Biden win, I am quite OK with it too. I quite like the guy and he is affable. But I have learned with Obama, charisma doesn’t stop you from Bombing Yemeni weddings and destroying two countries directly and many others indirectly.

Though I doubt Biden equates to a Biden administration, it is going to be give or take, an establishment administration (there is no aisle when it comes to DC vs the rest of us).

I doubt very much that a Biden win will take things back to normal though. With the War on Terror, the battle was won in killing Bin Laden. But the war? I’ll just ask a question applicable to anyone that was an adult before 2001. Do you feel safer than you felt pre-2001?

The Trump win utterly destroyed any decorum in politics. I blame him for a lot of it, but the Democrats are far from being angels. And the media? Lol. Shameless. All iota of neutrality has gone forever. The fourth estate is gone to the bin forever. Shame on CNN, WaPo et al. Possibly worse than Fox and Breitbart. Just with better branding.

The Biden win will bring a battle for our freedoms. The militant lefties insist they are the moral arbiters and unlike any other coalition, they insist you MUST support ALL their causes. ALL! Run foul of one and you are doomed. Ask JK Rowling.

Anyway, for me, that is going to be a major problem especially as they have learned from Trump, forget reaching out to the other side of any aisle. It is going to be operation ram through all ramables. 

Random Predictions and statements because I am in no mood for coherent paragraphs.

  • Trump will do much better with Black folks than he did in 2016. Almost 2x better.
  • The democrats will spring a huge surprise in a random state like Georgia or Texas.
  • Different parties will have the Presidency and the Senate.
  • If Trump wins, one of his children will be on the ballot in 2024.
  • If Biden wins, a political civil war will break out in the Democratic Party. AOC/Bernie vs the Rest.
  • Whoever wins, there will be a lot of tears. I hope the rage is kept to hashtags and physical destruction is at a minimal. Not hoping too much because like I said earlier, there are too many bad people on both sides.
  • After the election, we’ll know the true state of things re: Coronavirus.
  • One or both of Lindsey Graham or Mitch McConnell will lose their seats. Great!
  • There will be loads of tears and it will be hilarious.
  • Biden will surely win the popular vote by far. But winning by a landslide of 2 million or more in California doesn’t help in any way if you lose by a few hundred in Pennsylvania.
  • A Biden win will be very bad for Buhari. Is that such a bad thing?
  • Both Biden and Trump look to be bad for Tech startups (one of my US constituencies) but Trump is much more predictable.
  • But Biden will definitely get us a Startup Visa. Not a bad idea
  • No side is good for the Black American. All their arguments “for” getting the black vote is: “the other side is worse”. Nonsense.
  • I cannot wait for the post election tears. Lol
  • Most likely the US Supreme Court will decide the elections. Ha!
  • Only a blow out win (mostly by Trump) will reduce the post election brouhaha. I doubt the lefties have the energy for another 4 years of fighting a loosing fight. If the reverse happens and Biden wins, my GOD! Those fellas on the right have a boat load of energy. I would not put it past each side to try something really nasty after losing.
  • Half of the “pundits” especially in the media will get it HORRIBLY WRONG, and they will continue to be EXPERTS. No downside to blabbing nonsense in the US Media. Yuck!
  • Definitely premium tears from one side. Sweet.
  • Or 2020 has one more surprise for us? E.g. Win and don’t get sworn in?

Anyway, that’s it folks.

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