Visiting Cambridge, Attending CUTEC's TVC and meeting Marissa Mayer of Google

Meeting Marissa MayerWhen my friend Joel, told me about CUTEC TVC (Cambridge University Technology and enterprise Club, Technology Ventures Conference),  and wanted us to present OnePage there. I was not sure I was sure I was going to attend then said the magic words “Marissa Mayer will be there”. It was not negotiable I had to be there. In case you do not know Marissa, She is the most beautiful geek in the world! A double B (do not rack your brain, I mean Beauty and Brains!) If you want to know more, Wikipedia it.  She is in charge of anything you see on your Google and determines what goes on the home page, big responsibility.  My friends know of a Marissa Mayer Laughter on my phone, well, it is her laughter and I have had it for almost two years.  Now you know why I had to visit Cambridge.  I got to the website of the conference and realized that the sale of ‘early bird’ tickets had ended a day ago which meant I had to pay 15 pounds more, damn!! I tried negotiating with the organizers but got nowhere!

After checking the prices for trains to Cambridge, it turned out that it would be more economical to drive down especially as we were three (Kostas, The Warwick Entrepreneurs president was joining us) so we rented a car and I sealed an agreement with my guy to use his SatNav for the journey. Well, “Monkey go market, monkey no return” i.e. the story got complicated   Continue readingVisiting Cambridge, Attending CUTEC's TVC and meeting Marissa Mayer of Google