A quick suggestion for Posterous and the ‘post by email’ apps

Posterous pioneered (best to my knowledge) ‘post by email’ and Facebook has  followed suit, enabling users to comment via email. The problem is people sometimes include their signatures in these posts/comments.

I was wondering; can there be a standardisation to state that an email message has ended?


For press releases, it is  something like


Now, that is not something that would be nice at the end of an email message/beginning of a signature. I would suggest a particular number of  hyphens (-) say 9.



Oo Nwoye


As the web becomes more mature, I foresee more interaction between emails and applications.  Maybe in the future a full blown language might be required.

But for now, Posterous, can you sort this one out for us?


Joel below has pointed out Posterous already does this with #end. I did not know of it so ..my bad.

Michael below  has pointed out there are email standards http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc3676#section-4.3.

So lesson learnt. Google  before you write a blog post. 

Now excuse me, I am off to my shame corner. :’(

Cristiano Ronaldo Just Hacked The System.


A few moths ago, I saw a comment on a blog article that questioned the rational for celebrity men to get married when there is a 90% chance you will end up loosing both half of your income and your children. 

I am afraid that I might have to agree with the logic especially as it pertains to rich male celebrities. Take the case of Tiger Woods where his wife of 6 years is reported to have earned 100 million dollars in settlement + child support. Yes, she will go with the children and he will pay for their upkeep.

It seems the celebrity men were helpless to this kind of  “ransom marriages”. Sooner or later they had to give up half of their life earning  and there children if they every wanted to have a resemblance of a normal marriage.

Well, Cristiano Ronaldo has just hacked the system.

Since hunters have learnt to shoot without missing, birds have learnt to fly without perching.

In case you have not heard, the old boy of Old Trafford just had a son (yes, he is a flamboyant but coded man). and the statement announcing the child’s birth reads.

I have recently become father to a baby boy. As agreed with the baby’s mother, who prefers to have her identity kept confidential, my son will be under my exclusive guardianship.

The summary of what I think happened is this, my man just purchased himself a mother to give birth to  his child. This does not come with the added strings of loosing the child in the future along with half his income. His mother will take care of the boy in his early years so we can be sure little Ronaldo is in good hands.

What is the big deal you might say, after all MJ did same. Well, this is the first time a “normal celebrity” dude has gone this route. I sadly see this becoming a trend. It is simply safer.

What does his present girlfriend think?

She was initially devastated by the news but has now agreed to stand by Ronaldo and help him raise the child.



PS: I do not normally blog about celebrity stories but this “aha moment” is just too big to ignore. We might just be witnessing the beginning of a sad but necessary trend here of male celebrities hacking a family together.

Who Do I Blame For England’s World Cup Disaster?


The English press.

They hyped the hell out of an okay side and then did all they could to destroy it. Many people can point out several things that was wrong with the side but I will put it down to one thing…

A total absence of leadership on the team on the pitch. They played with fear all through out the tournament and lacked any commander on the pitch. They were a ship with out a captain.

Taking down John Terry was a mistake.  I hope the few millions made by the few newspapers in making  Terry’s private life compromise their national success was worth it.  John Terry should have captained the side. England might not have won the cup but I certainly believe they would have given a far better account of themselves.

The Terry episode ensured there were cracks in the dressing room and the team never recovered.

It was never the same team that whisked through the qualifiers.


Of course Fabio has his faults too

  • Bowing to pressure and removing Terry as captain. Steven Gerrard was as influential in that team as Theo Walcott. i.e no influence.
  • Building the team around  Rooney, was a mistake. Building any team around an individual is never a good move.
  • Preparing the team for only football for the world cup. Psychology is very important in tournaments. The English team lost this tournament in their head. They let the pressure get to them

I am sure Fabio has learnt his lesson that preparation for tournaments is very different from League competitions.  Unfortunately, he learnt that while the world cup was going on! Why did they not participate in a mini tournament before the world cup?

Capello should not be sacked though, he is a great coach


As for the players,

I would not blame them.  They were not prepared mentally.



On The Super Chickens of Nigeria:

I have nothing to say about the Super Chickens of Nigeria. Our problem is different, it is caused by what is known as called Home Trouble. It was done in a village somewhere but we do not know which village.

Amodu will qualify us for the next world cup in 2014 but it will depend on Lesotho drawing with  Egypt in Cairo on the last day of qualifiers. The NFA will sack him and get a foreign coach one month to the tournament.

His name?

Raymond ‘no level’  Domenech.

Leaving OnePage.

After about one year of running   OnePage  with Joel, I will be leaving to pursue other opportunities. Joel and I came to the conclusion that it would be better for OnePage if only one of us took it forward and I offered to step down. This will come as a surprise to quite a number of people considering the fact that  OnePage has started building momentum. But looking at the bigger picture, we believe this is the best decision for us. It was a great  one year working with Joel on OnePage and would not trade the experience for anything else.

I will be taking a little break to plan my future and decide on my next steps. My commitment to Internet Entrepreneurship and putting Nigeria on the global start map remains very firm. 

I still believe in the vision we had for OnePage and I am very certain Joel is very capable of getting it there. I would like to thank those who have supported me while I was with OnePage, I would be calling on you guys soon. Please keep supporting OnePage as you have always done.