A quick suggestion for Posterous and the ‘post by email’ apps

Posterous pioneered (best to my knowledge) ‘post by email’ and Facebook has  followed suit, enabling users to comment via email. The problem is people sometimes include their signatures in these posts/comments.

I was wondering; can there be a standardisation to state that an email message has ended?


For press releases, it is  something like


Now, that is not something that would be nice at the end of an email message/beginning of a signature. I would suggest a particular number of  hyphens (-) say 9.



Oo Nwoye


As the web becomes more mature, I foresee more interaction between emails and applications.  Maybe in the future a full blown language might be required.

But for now, Posterous, can you sort this one out for us?


Joel below has pointed out Posterous already does this with #end. I did not know of it so ..my bad.

Michael below  has pointed out there are email standards http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc3676#section-4.3.

So lesson learnt. Google  before you write a blog post. 

Now excuse me, I am off to my shame corner. :’(

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