Don’t Shoot the Messenger. Listen to Atiku

Atiku has been saying Nigeria is broke and rather than people discredit his statement , they attack him.

You might not be a fan of Atiku (I am not either) but does what he said have credibility? The last time he said Nigeria was broke, Olusegun ‘no balls’ Aganga said Atiku had no idea what he was saying. (Atiku was the head of Nigeria’s economic Council . He single handedly recruited Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala and Soludo and co. so he should know what the hell he is talking about!)

Why then does Nigeria  borrow billions of Dollars again? What happened to our reserves? (Why did we even have reserves when we do not have power or good roads?)

Remi Babalola first raised the alarm when he talked of NNPC but was promptly sacked.

My dear Nigerians do not let your hate of the messenger make you ignore the message.

The question is:

Is Nigeria broke? If yes, what happened to the money? If No, what happened to the money, why the hell don’t we have good roads and stable power?

God help Nigeria!… But we must help ourselves first.