My Dad.

In 1996, I was expelled from Kings College boarding house for the second time in as many months. I was 13 and could not handle the ‘power’ I had over junior ones.

I was devastated.

After the announcement announcing expulsions during assembly, I made my way to my Uncles house. At around 8pm , Uncle Oba got my dad on the phone and I spoke to him. I was scared because a month earlier, we had agreed that I would change my ways and not get into trouble. He expressed his utter disappointment in me.  I wondered how I would face him later in the week when I would travel to Benin.

Around 12 midnight, when I woke up to go to the toilet, I heard people talking the living room . One of the voices sounded familiar so I strolled in.

It could not be , it was my dad! !  I almost collapsed.

My old man had left Benin for Lagos AT 8PM!! after we spoke. (If you have not travelled Benin – Lagos by road, don’t worry, you will not understand)

He saw the shock on my face and told me not to worry. He only came down to ensure I did not miss too much of school. He was not angry anymore. Uncle Oba, told me to go back to bed that they would sort it out.

Sort it out they did.

That is just one example that shows how great my dad has been to me. Risking his life of the road so his bone headed son would not miss school.

I love you dad.

Happy Fathers Day!


My Uncle Oba passed away some years later he was like a second dad to me. He took care of me all through my secondary school years. I will never forget him .