The first .ng domain name has been registered.

Thanks to Niyi Ajao, I just learnt that the first .ng tld had been registered.

Drum roll……. It was registered by Nduka Obaigbena, publisher of Thisday

The .ng It actually looks really beautiful. 

Now to the Number one question

How the hell was it possible?! *

Considering a gazillion of us have been clamouring for this ever since the gave us the unattractive and it is not yet available on the NIRA website (Official registrar/regulator). Hell, NIRA  itself does not have a .ng 

I can say with all confidence that the .ng will be one of the most popular tld’s in the whole world (Internet world that is.).  Imagine the number of web apps ending with ‘ing’ that will be created.

  • 🙂

Now to the second most important question

Who gets

*Nduka  is a ‘big man’