The iPhone4S, Consumerism And Humanity

Yesterday, Apple released a slightly upgraded version of the iPhone 4 and the verdict has been near universal. WHERE IS THE IPHONE5?!!!

It is not that people are complaining that there is anything wrong with the iPhone 4; in fact the iPhone 3G can basically do the same thing (basic functionality like call, play Angry Birds and take pictures of getting drunk) . People are angry they have not been given a new thing to buy.

I am wondering how we got to this point where consuming has become essential to life.

Here in Nigeria, the lengths people go to get a new Blackberry borders on disgusting. People spend 6 times the minimum monthly wage of the country just to get a new BlackBerry. Reason? Because ‘they said’ it is the latest one.

Although I am really appalled about this type of behavior, I am far from immune.

Over a year ago, I had a fairly decent computer, because I realized it was about time I bought a new one, I convinced myself that it was too old so i could but another one. As karma would have it, the computer packed up in less than 3 months. I jumped back to my old computer which has been serving me well one year on. it is obvious I never needed the new one in the first place.


*NEW! NEW!! NEW!!!

So why are we humans like this?

*Not necessarily new, let them just say it is new.