Shame on the Tech Bl… Sorry, PR Blogs!

I just realised that the major technology blogs are just press release publishers for technology companies. Almost all they do is publish press releases! Since I started using Feedly (the worlds Best RSS reader) to subscribe to my favourite blogs, I have noticed that TechCrunch (press release + drama) and Mashable (press release + top 10 this and that) always deliver the same stories at the same time!

Back in the day when these blogs started publishing, they brought a unique angle to technology news and began building a followership based on that. The PR companies noticed them and began sending them press releases and invites to the same event. So all they now cover is the same news in the same way which sometime have identical titles. There also seems to be a race to put out the most stuff in a day. Sometimes they publish 30 articles in a single day! They have forgotten their roots!

It is now getting boring, really boring, and really noisy.

One company  that seemed to stay true to reporting tech news in a way that adds value is Giga Om. Unfortunately, it seems that has not paid off.

I really wish these guys will sometimes to to their roots and give us quality reporting. If possible, create a spinoff of the big blog which will strictly cover new and original stories of young startups. I promise to click the ads :).

Until then, I will use Feedly, to filter the noise.