#LightUpNigeria vs. #NigerianGrammar Exposes The Problem With Nigerians

#NigerianGrammar Trending on Twitter

Why does #NigerianGrammar succeed while #LightUpNigeria fails to trend on Twitter? 

Although LightUpNigeria is for a VERY serious cause, had a long and great campaign plan and quite a strong campaign base, (it had the full support of heavy weight Nigerian Twitterers like  Ebuka Bigbrother, Eldee made a Video, Bella wrote a post your humble guy even wrote a full blog post in support of the LightUpNigeria campaign all this was in addition to the campaign through the  26,000 member strong group on Facebook, the attention of CNN and other campaigners)

Guess what, IT NEVER trended!

Now fast forward to Wednesday and we had #NigerianGrammar trending. Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong in funny stuff trending on Twitter (Kathy Perry’s Vagina was once a trending topic) but here is the problem:

Why do we Nigerians find it much easier to rally around frivolous things than something that affects us greatly?

The examples are everywhere!

  • Our president was missing and everyone was more interested in why Ayegbeni was selected to play in the Nations cup.
  • My Facebook status is filled with comments when I crack a stupid joke or say United for Life! but all my Facebook friends disappear when I try speaking of any important topic that concerns Nigeria(ns)
  • it is more interesting to talk about Wengers transfer policy that to discuss the the implication of having Goodluck Jonathan as the sole Administrator of Nigeria.

I know I might be accused of being too serious but when can we be serious? I participated in both the #LightUpNigeria and #NigerianGrammar campaigns and found the latter fun while it lasted but realised what I am talking about when the excitement died down.

Nigerians, we better get our priorities right or things will never change for the better.


  • Thanks to my man, and Twitter addict Henry ‘4eyedMonk’ Okelue for tipping me off that #NigerianGrammar was trending.
  • When you see mistakes in my writing just understand it is NigerianGrammar at work but still point it out 🙂
  • I salute the most dogged LightUpNigeria campaigner i know, Moses ‘Mos_Hygh’ Nasamu.
  • Amara ‘bubusn’ Nwankpa, thanks for starting an awesome movement!