O2 Broadband: The Fastest Internet Connection I have Ever Had!

O2 Broadband Speet Test Birmingham

Update: It has been pointed out that my screen shot says it is BT that is ISP. I don’t know the reason it shows that, but it is O2 We pay our money to 🙂

My Internet has arrived and it is bloody fast!! If you live online, you will understand my excitement.

The first time I used O2 broadband was not so pleasant. But since I did not know details of the package, I decided to give them another try. Hell Yeah, it was the right one!

We are paying for the 15 Mb/s unlimited package but that speed is theoretical as it depends on distance and the number of people using the connection at a particular point in time. So I am very pleased with the 11.78 Mb/s we have. Did I tell you we are paying 10 pounds a month?

There is a down side of having fast internet connection when you are building a web application like OnePage.  You cannot determine how the site speed will be for the users by using it yourself, as your connection will be faster than 90% of the connection of your users. Therefore, you have to fully rely on cloud based website testing services.

This is the fastest internet connection I have ever used, I am just hoping it stays this way. You can visit www.speedtest.net to check out how fast your own is. You can let me know in the comment area if yours is slower. If you have something faster, keep it to yourself. :).