A Little Reminder App for the Olympics

Do you remember Lotaar? It was my rebound startup after leaving OnePage. Essentially, the idea was to create a notification system for live TV. An app that would remind you when your favorite program is about to start. Like all rebounds, it  did not last.

Anyway, the idea still stuck in my head as a useful project but not big enough to create a startup around.

As the Olympics drew nearer, the urge to revisit it grew. One thing about the Olympic games is that there are so many programs you would like to watch but due to the sheer number of games and distractions, you might miss your favorites.  Something like the 100m final.

Anyway, while thinking of a way to implement a quick fix for this, my good man Tim Akinbo told me of an SMS platform he is building. I explained how I wanted Lotaar to work and we worked together to put something together. As usual, I did not touch a single line of code except to build this sexy page describes how Lotaar works for the olympics.

How it works

Without the quotes, text:

“subscribe olympics-football” (for Football notifications)
“subscribe olympics-basketball” (for Basketball notifications)
“subscribe olympics-athletics” (for Athletics notifications)
+44 77 97 88 04 20

It is that simple. Because of SMS costs, we are limiting it to the first 50 people that subscribe. Athletics is limited to only medal events. All include both male and female categories.

Are there any must watch events that are missing?