Revisiting The Day I Met Marissa Mayer

As Marissa Mayer takes over the mantle of Yahoo! after the shock coup announced a few hours ago, I cannot think of a better time to famz.

The easiest way to explain the crush I had (have?) for her is to say I’m her beliber and little monster rolled into one. For two years before I met her, her laughter was my SMS ringtone.

So when I learned that she was coming to Cambridge, I knew I had to be there. Of course speaking about OnePage was a great excuse.

After her talk the usual attention seekers crowded her, but trust your Naija guy, I went to the exit I knew she would pass and waited patiently. 5 mins later, she reappeared and she was in a hurry and the over zealous organizer was upset I was delaying her more. (I no send the guy papa).

Anyway, I embarrassed her (and I guess myself ) by telling her of my 2 year old SMS ringtone, took a picture with her and collected her card (which I kept safely with my passport till today).

Since then, I counted her as my buddy. So I was not too happy when she was shelved during the Google reorganization. So I am so happy and excited with her new challenge at Yahoo!

So it case your wondering, what the hell is this post about? Well, I have met Marissa and you have not 😛


Best of luck Marissa, as you take on the greatest challenge of your career!


Marissa Mayer’s Laugh "Marissa Mayer’s Laugh"

What OnePage means to me.

Onepage Logo

Launching OnePage is much more than launching a Startup to me.  It marks the beginning of my dream coming together…

After graduating from university and completing my national youth Service (NYSC), I was supposed to do the normal and get a job in a bank, telecommunication or oil companies but I did not, I wanted to chase the dream.  I just believed it was to be Silicon Valley or nothing. While my mates hung out, I stayed indoors watching the live stream of TechCrunch40, reading every post of Mike Arrington, following Scobliezer, reading the Google Story (where I got to know of Marissa Mayer and wondering when I would have the chance to leave the dream, and get to meet my heroes (I eventually met both Marissa Mayer and Scobleizer in UK).

My mum eventually persuaded me to try the UK and take it as a route to the Valley (thanks Mum). So the SOLE reason for my leaving Nigeria to study in the UK was to try and get nearer to the Silicon Valley environment. While searching for the Start up community in UK, I got to know of Lastfm, Bebo and younger Startups like GroupSpaces, I read about their trip to the Valley. I then decided to see what I could make of UK. Immediately I got my admission to Warwick, the first thing I did was to create a Facebook group called University of Warwick Internet Entrepreneurs. After about a month, the group swelled to a grand total of 2 people (including myself). The other member was Joel Gascoigne with whom I later founded OnePage with.

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