As Marissa Mayer takes over the mantle of Yahoo! after the shock coup announced a few hours ago, I cannot think of a better time to famz.

The easiest way to explain the crush I had (have?) for her is to say I’m her beliber and little monster rolled into one. For two years before I met her, her laughter was my SMS ringtone.

So when I learned that she was coming to Cambridge, I knew I had to be there. Of course speaking about OnePage was a great excuse.

After her talk the usual attention seekers crowded her, but trust your Naija guy, I went to the exit I knew she would pass and waited patiently. 5 mins later, she reappeared and she was in a hurry and the over zealous organizer was upset I was delaying her more. (I no send the guy papa).

Anyway, I embarrassed her (and I guess myself ) by telling her of my 2 year old SMS ringtone, took a picture with her and collected her card (which I kept safely with my passport till today).

Since then, I counted her as my buddy. So I was not too happy when she was shelved during the Google reorganization. So I am so happy and excited with her new challenge at Yahoo!

So it case your wondering, what the hell is this post about? Well, I have met Marissa and you have not 😛


Best of luck Marissa, as you take on the greatest challenge of your career!


11 thoughts on “Revisiting The Day I Met Marissa Mayer

  1. Hi Oo,

    This made me smile big time. Only you.

    Hope things are going great for you. Take care.


  2. Mr OO..still rocking the initial. lol

    Interesting encounter. She definitely has her work cut out for her @ Yahoo, but she seems to be up for the challenge even with the spot light on her.

  3. Crazy ass stuff. You had a Marissa Meyer ringtone? And here I was thinking that you had passed the limits…

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