Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida Will be Nigeria’s next president Unless…


Pardon my very cheesy Nigerian newspaper styled headline but I think it is quite appropriate in this case.

[For non Nigerians: Babangida is a past Nigerian military dictator who was responsible for many many bad bad things. while he was head of state. He wants to become president again.]

Like I said with my title, Babangida will be the Next Nigerian president unless you do something about it… BY VOTING FOR SOMEONE ELSE. Let us think logically for a moment,

  • IBB is is the only *credible politician that has declared his intention of being president, FACT!
  • IBB has a political structure on ground, FACT!
  • IBB has the money to execute this election, FACT!
  • IBB has every right to contest the election, FACT!

People are shouting they will NEVER vote for IBB, that’s cool, but who are you planning to vote for? Chris Okotie? Atiku? It is a real question you have to answer. not voting for Babangida means you should have someone to vote for who is it?

Becoming President is not beans or rather fish and chips (as a JD boy concerned). You have to work hard, do a lot of ground work and position for the long term. You have to be active as a leader and if you are in the opposition, the better your opportunity to shine. After the last election in 2007, I erroneously assumed people like Utomi were serious and would build upon the work they did then. but what did they do? I am not talking of  speaking on TV and giving interviews but real political ground work. Nothing I know of. 3 months before the 2001 election we will see every Okeke, Adebayo and Musa saying they are contesting, trying to form Obama. Rubbish!

I am sorry to break it to you, if there is no credible opposition in 2011, IBB will stroll into the Aso Rock while we Tweet and Blog our hearts away. As for me, I am not too bothered about who wins the forthcoming election as 99% of Nigerian politicians are shameless ‘ideologyless’ opportunists.  My main aim is to ensure that this next election is free and fair. As long as we the people have our votes counted, I am good.

*credible in this context means the person with a realistic possibility of winning the presidential election.