The Telephone Is Dead!

I just had an AHA moment while reading Scobleizer’s article in which he theorized the reason PalmPre is failing  is because they designed a phone with a small screen. The part that gave me the Aha was

As I walk around Vancouver’s airport you can see why. A phone is no longer just a phone. People walk around holding their gadgets in front of them. Some, like Blackberry users, do email. Every Blackberry user I know wants a bigger screen.

I would eliminate the ‘just a’ and it would be “a phone is no longer phone”. What we call phones are no longer phones. To me, the iPhone is a minicomputer that you can make calls on. People use less and less of the calling function as phones are being manufactured without calling pads, The ones that do have good keyboards are the best for texting not calling. Ask those CrackBerry users what the most important feature in their ‘phone’ is. In buying a new ‘phone’, main consideration is what it can do with it when I am connected to the Internet. The Telecom  industry have begun to realise (quite late) that the Internet is changing the game and people do not really need phones to be in touch. With the likes of Skype and Google Voice breathing down their necks, it seems they are trying to fight an idea whose time has come by trying to prevent VoIP calls on their networks. It they continue this way, they will  go the same route of the Music Industry who have waited until late to change their business model. In places like Finland where Broadband is now human right, there is almost no need for the network carriers when you can make Skype calls through your phone using Wi-Fi. Places like the UK  and US are pushing for 100% Broadband penetration when that happens we will call it a day for the phone!

Bye Bye Telephone!


PS: How many kids below the age of 10 know the Grrrrrrrriiiiiiiiim Grrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiim sound of the ringing telephone?