Why I HATE The Vuvuzela!


There are very few things I hate in life and the Vuvuzela is one of them

The reason I hate the vuvuzela is because it has destroyed the atmosphere of the world cup. Anyone who has been to live matches knows that the atmosphere is what makes all the difference. When you make the 64 matches of the world cup sound alike, then there is a problem.

I completely understand the argument that the Vuvuzela is part of South African football. Therefore I will support whole heartedly all South Africa’s matches sounding like Ibola Lethu (I have never been a fan). But the moment you say your tradition must be imposed on your guests from 31 countries, you are being unfair.

The Vuvuzela might motivate,Siphiwe Tshabalala but it makes Lionel Messi loose concentration. If South Africa is playing Argentina, they can blow the Vuvuzela all they like after all, what is home advantage all about. But the sound of the Vuvuzela should not wreck a match between England and Brazil because neither team appreciates it. I want the best footballers to be at their best through out the world cup. I am sure the South Africans want that too (not when they play against them). So let each team hear the sounds that make them play.

I miss hearing the singing and trumpets of Nigerian supporters and I am sure I would have heard “all we are saaaaaaying, give us a goal” when we were a goal down against Argentina and that would have motivated our boys

I miss the drunk English fans chanting Rooney, Rooney, Rooneey

I will miss the Samba sounds of the Brazilians

I miss the sounds of the world cup 🙁