ICONS Conference 2009- A wonderful experience!

I really looked forward to attending the conference with my Nigerian students. The thought of a weekend far away from this our exciting Coventry with my people reminded me of class trips back home. There was always only one outcome, FUN!!

As the postgrad rep and a point man for ICONS in Warwick, I excitedly started preparing and surprisingly found out it was much cheaper to rent a 17 seater van for a whole weekend (10 pounds per head excl. fuel). I was confident in my preparation because when I was nominated as postgradrep, I was guaranteed the support of everyone. Sadly, the short story is that people wanted to know if I would guarantee them getting a job there. Of course, I refused to tie myself to such a deal (Do I own UBA, or Shell? Is my surname FGN?). On the day before the trip, 5 of the 11 people that I had assuring me dropped out, throwing 5 spanners in the works. It was no longer possible to do a rental. The only other option was a 41 pound return train journey. I was left with myself and Ayo Obi T to represent Warwick.

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