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How the Bible Saved my Day. Maybe My Next Year.

27 December 2010 by Oo Nwoye

As with every Igbo ‘only son’ on the wrong side of twenty; my mother, her mother, her friends, her colleagues, her etc have been pounding my ears with their favourite lyric ; “Oo, marry , marry marry”. “Get a wife, wife, wife”

My mother being the lead singer has not let me have a moments’ rest since I came home for Christmas.  Things took a religious dimension yesterday when my mother said the reading in yesterday’s mass  said mothers have control over their sons, therefore I must obey her. As I did not attend mass, I doubted the veracity.

This morning my mum came to my room to perform her normal one track concert of “marry, marry marry”, she picked of a missal in my room, *randomly opened a page and there it was Ecclesiasticus – Chapter 3 verse 2

for the Lord honours the father above his children and upholds the rights of a mother over her sons.

I knew it was finished.  She said as it was random, God was speaking to me.

How on earth would I defend myself over her insistence that I should get married when I am ready when god has given her the right over me. And she had decided the time is NOW!

As any good Samaritan, I wanted alert  all my fellow bachelor men to ensure they hide that passage from their mothers in their best interest. So I Googled the passage to paste on Facebook , but mistakenly typed Ecclesiastes Chapter 3 instead of  Ecclesiasticus Chapter 3.

What did I see in verse 1?

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.

So even us wey no dey read bible, god know as im dey put passage for our hands. I have just been saved, for at least one more year.

Dear God, God bless you!

As you can guess I have released my own one line single titled: Ecclesiastes Chapter 3 Verse 1


*I doubt it was random

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  • Eaboyeji

    hahahahaha! Oo u sef!

    My father just rescued me from that wahala like one second ago this morning.

  • God Bless !

  • Evbuezek

    hahahaha. This so funny.I can imagine the pressure.
    Please say hello to ur mum…..u knw am her biggest fan…wink!

    • Evbusogie

      its Evbusogie, btw.