“There is no greater motivator of man than the last minute” -Jay Levanne

I never planned that my first post after my hiatus would be praising a web start-up but here is why.  I left the compilation of my project to the very last hour before the submission deadline. It meant I had an hour to bind, get to school and submit. Well as devil would have it (he never fails to fuck things up) my MS word started malfunctioning for the first time in two years. After much struggle, I was able to convert my dissertation to pdf ,  submit the digital copy online then rushed with a copy of my dissertation in a flash drive I borrowed from my housemate.

Because I was in such a hurry to print, I could not afford to carry my bag with my laptop because it was too heavy (I had 18 library books).  So I ran off to the printing and binding shop. After waiting in a queue it got to my turn (40mins left) I proudly opened the file and gave instructions. The woman them commented ” your own looks pretty short, just 40 pages”…WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT? I discovered over 50 pages of my work were missing. I died and returned to earth…. then I smiled and remembered I automatically backed all my documents with DropBox. So I quickly downloaded the back up and to my shock, I discovered it was corrupted!! That is where the MAGIC of DropBox came in. It saves every version of every file! so luckily I had saved my final dissertation about 5 times before the final one. So All I needed was to go back three versions and recovered my work :).

Just so you know, I was able to submit just 10 mins before time. There is no way I would have avoided the 3 marks per day late penalty without DropBox.

Thank you Arash and Drew for creating Dropbox.

To everyone reading, ensure you download it now!!!

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