If you want to know how short this year was, don’t look at Obama’s Inauguration. Can you believe it was in February Chris Brown beat Rihanna?

The year 2009 was interesting in many ways and started on a challenging note… though quite a lot happened this year but some things just stand out… in no order of occurrence or importance, I look back at the  following

In my life:

Graduation: Technically, not graduation (that is on January 20th 2010) but finishing another round of schooling. My project which determines everything almost got messed up at the very last moment. Thank you Dropbox!

Visiting Old Trafford: It is difficult to describe to people that the first time I watched a live match (i do not mean monkey post or  Engineering VS Social Science kind of match in UNIBEN), It was as an Old Trafford VIP. To top it all, we took Tottenham to the cleaners despite going 2 goals down. I cannot thank my man Chuka and Audi enough

Meeting Marissa Mayer: to know what this woman means to me, I have had marissa mayer’s laugh as my text ringtone for 2 years counting. Yes I know I am weird. It was a high moment during this year for me.

Another nephew: My sister gave birth to a lovely boy called Derrick.

Launch48 and VouChaCha:This was the loosing my virginity of my start-up life. In 48 hours, we went form idea to first prototype in creating the first location based coupon service. The long and short of it is that Ben Brown is taking VouChaCha  places and i am part of history on course! If you have an iPhone and you like deals, download the first VouChaCha app called Snaffle

OnePage: This is the most important thing I have done this year. Creating an Internet start-up is the only reason I left Nigeria in the first place. I have previously written of what OnePage means to me. Of course it would not have happened without my right hand man Joel.

Someone special: I met someone special and was quite content. Though it lasted for a short time , it was good while it lasted :). I promise you, it wasn’t my fault this time. Nah, you will not be hearing any names.

In the news:

The Nigerian Bank Crisis: A greedy few! unfortunately the rot is still there because people will rather believe that it is a witch hunt!

Yaradua’s illness: It reminded me that Nigerians are FUCKING cowards. A kabal runs our nation and all we do is ‘mind our business’. I am a better coward (still a coward) than most of you, at least I talk about it. The problem of Nigeria is Cowardice, not corruption or bad leadership. If are not cowards we will demand and fight for good leadership which will in turn will give us a less corrupt nation. Power and good roads will be added on to it.

Iran Elections: it was the same same June 12 but the Iranians did not run to their villages in fear of a civil war, the are not waiting for Ahmendinijad’s wife to die so they can shout karma! they are fighting for their votes till this very day!

Tiger Woods: I realized how bitter people are towards other peoples success. Tiger Woods cheated on his wife so he should apologize to us. My God!!

”Nigerian Suicide Bomber”: Umar Farouk AbdulMutallab’s attempt to bomb a plane in US has change more than most people understand. for one, Obama has stopped being a good guy. Secondly, Nigeria(ns) have been Re rebranded by the act of 1 out of 140 million. Though it shouldn’t be, it is. 2010, will be make or break for Nigeria. For one America cannot sit and look idly and allow us mind our business, It is an issue of National security for them which is no small matter.

Michael Jacksons Death: If you really loved him, you would have told him when he was alive. his death made me understand why people commit suicide. Everybody pities a dead man!

Susan Boyle: Lesson learnt- it is never too late!. If you want to feel happy, watch Susan’s Audition

All in all, I thank God for this year!

This was written in a rush so i must have left out some things… what did i forget? What shaped your year?

Tune in for my new year resolutions which will be out tomorrow 🙂

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