• What will be your last tweet after you die?
  • Do you want your Facebook still functioning after you are gone? Any last cheeky status update ? e.g “I can seeee yooou. hahahaha *ghost laugh*”
  • What happens to your blog? Do you want a final post to tell the world goodbye? What about your hosting? Do you want it to last forever?
  • What about your emails? Do you want your Family to go through them?. Any auto responders to those that email after you have taken leave of the earth?
  • Will you want to cancel any subscriptions?
  • The documents, agreements, and all the important stuff in the cloud (email, pictures, digital invoices, etc), how will those that need them get access?

I know people do not like thinking about death but times have changed and some things have not changed with it.  A lot of our valuables are in digital form and there is no succession plan I know of  that takes care of this stuff. I would like to have control over the thinks I have enumerated above after I have gone. I certainly do not want the hosting on this blog to die and the thousands of pictures I have in Picasa to be lost forever.

Now here is how money is made from this sad idea.

There should be a middle man you leave all these instructions with. Say an insurance company or a law firm that would carry out the instructions after you have gone.  You pay a premium  of $10/ year and you are sure your AwesomenessReminders subscription is cancelled when you do not need it anymore Smile.



This is the first in the series of my blogging about my ideas

7 thoughts on “A Sad Startup Idea :( $$$

  1. There are actually quite a few startups that take care of this. I know of at least two. I think one is called Death clock or something but basically they send you periodic emails that you have to respond to by clicking the link to confirm that you are still alive. If you stop responding, after an appointed time, your wishes viz a viz your online property are carried out (you fill this out beforehand).

    Passwords and logins to various accounts are bequeathed to pre-appointed individuals by email with your instructions on what to do with them and so on.

    I remember seeing a couple on LifeHacker and thinking “how useful but how morbid”.

    1. > they send you periodic emails that you have to respond to
      > by clicking the link to confirm that you are still alive

      And after a while you fed up with responding, then you automate it because let’s face it, you are still young. This should definitely work in less intruding ways. I wouldn’t like clicking “yes, yes I’m still alive” every in a while. The service itself is needed.

  2. Same idea like mine a couple of years back. LastofMe.com didn’t fly because there are tons to consider. Security, Maintainability, etc… besides I don’t have time. (Maybe that’s the only reason why)

  3. I have a similar idea.. I call it “Lifeping” – basically a webservice monitors your online presence (in the form of tweets, posts, replies to intermittent mails, replies to intermittent sms et cetera)
    If you appear dead to the system, an escrow-style unlock happens, providing trusted persons (family/friends) with passwords or sensitive information.

    I’m not sure people would pay for something like this, though.. I know I wouldnt..
    Oh and I got the idea because the facebook page of the passed-away mother of a friend of mine is still up and running and people are still asking ‘how she’s doing’ .. pretty embarrassing..

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