Pouring forth Ideas.

IdeasPlease don’t believe the cartoon 🙂

Not boasting, I am an ideas man! When I auditioned for the now defunct Intern TV Show back in Nigeria, I claimed I had about 20 business ideas written down, I lied, it was about 50 🙂

Enough of the weak attempt at boasting.

There is a very big downside of having so many ‘great ideas’, it is easy to get distracted when trying to execute any one, because the other ones seem more exciting.  And after a while of just talking about the so many things you could be doing without delivering, you can start loosing credibility. Unfortunately, if you are good at generating ideas, you just cant stop having them so they just keep distracting you.

I battled with this for a while years before I decided to commit to OnePage. It is the longest project I have ever committed to in my life and it is possible only because I found my man Joel who I could execute with. Every once in a while though, I get distracted and  tell him of another great idea, he is now used to it . My former housemate Wale and a few of my friends can also testify about me harassing him with my ideas.

The main reason I tell people of my ideas is because once it has been done, it no longer crosses my mind and it means less distraction. Unfortunately, I have met very few people willing to work on my ideas therefore I have reached the limit of having them lying around in my head. It is getting too distracting.

Towards this end, I have resolved to blog about my ideas hoping there will someone willing to take it up. (I can hear Joel heaving a sign of relief)

I will start pouring them forth hopefully, at the rate of one a week.


  1. Not all my ideas are commercial some are very social in nature. Some are outright fun projects.
  2. Not all my ideas will be brilliant to you. Most will be outright dumb to you, no vex.
  3. Ideas on their own are valued at near Zero. It is all about the execution.
  4. Ideas are easier ideaed said than done. It will definitely not be as easy as I’ll attempt to make it sound.
  5. I am sure all my ideas are not original as people think up stuff at the same time around the world. I just have not heard about it.
  6. Some ideas are blatant replication (I will clearly indicate) but the ‘idea’ is in the application in another scenario. e.g. applying something in US to Nigeria.
  7. Some ideas would have been got from some people, if I remember who, I will credit the person, if not, I’ll say so
  8. Everyone has ideas, so I am not claiming any monopoly of ideas.
  9. My idea posts are just to ignite a spark and are not indented to be a complete business plan. The commercial viability of anything I put out will have to be checked out buy you if you intend moving further with it. If you are interested in anyone of them, I am willing to send more information your way…if I like 🙂

So watch out for my first idea post, coming soon!