I am not afraid to take a stand – Eminem

If there is anything that really gets to me, it is the tendency of people to sit on the fence on critical issues. It goes from annoying to deceitful when a person has one position publicly and another privately.

The Nigerian Presidential election is around the corner and people have started exhibiting the sitting on the fence trait again. I thought to myself, there should be an app to sort that out. I conceptualized something, did  some mockups (special thanks to balsamiq mockups) and contacted two awesome Nigerian developers I know; Namzo and Ope and they agreed to work with me to make it a reality. The rest is history.

I introduce the TakeAStand app that allows you to PUBLICLY identify with the candidate you support in the upcoming Nigerian elections. Take A Stand is the β€œoption A4” of online voting.

I have taken a stand. You now go take a stand and please spread the word.

Forgive and report any bugs you come across. This is work in progress.

PS:This app is dedicated to Udoka, Od, and Aboyeji; some of the greatest fence loungers I know. (make una no break my head when we see. I just had to :). Prove me wrong and make your stand known, PUBLICLY.)

4 thoughts on “Introducing The ‘Take A Stand’ Web App

    1. I actually like that idea Oo. It would be amazing for analyzing competition and encouraging customer loyalty. The customer would feel really special πŸ˜€ For example, I imagine a McDonalds vs Burger King take a stand app.

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